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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling and relationship counselling at our Borders centre

In undertaking relationship counselling / couples counselling, clients work with one of our experienced practitioners to focus on the aspects of their relationship that cause the greatest difficulties. It is a collaborative process – we do not take ‘sides’ but instead work equally with both partners to facilitate understanding and improve how things are. This does require both partners to be willing to engage with the counselling process, something that is not always easy.

How does couples counselling/relationship counselling work?

Couples counselling/relationship counselling works in a way that allows both partners to feel they have their ‘say’, which helps each to understand the views of the other better leading to new opportunities. The psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist or CBT therapist will ask questions to help guide this process and also make sure that both partners feel involved. Often specific techniques are used to help change difficult patterns of behaviour (such as identifying specific ‘triggers for arguing and learning new ways of managing these).

How many couples counselling/relationship counselling sessions will we need?

It is always difficult to estimate how many sessions will enable things to move forward to a point where both partners agree it is time to stop the therapy. As a general rule, often between 10-15 sessions allows enough time for issues to be fully aired and addressed. However, this is very much an estimate. Sessions can often be spaced out as the process moves towards a conclusion, and at times it may run alongside one or other partner undertaking counselling, psychotherapy or CBT for individual difficulties that are impacting on the relationship as well.

Breaking up

Although couples counselling /relationship counselling is normally thought of as a method of resolving difficulties, it also has a common role in helping partners manage the breaking up process. Sometimes breaking up a relationship is so painful that it can be difficult to deal with the things that need to happen. Relationship counselling/couples counselling can help provide a way of communicating that may otherwise just be too hard.

More information about couples counselling/relationship counselling at our Borders centre

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners or you would like more information about couples counselling/relationship counselling, please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.