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Family therapy 

Family Therapy in the Scottish Borders

Family therapy can often be helpful when working with children and young people as it works with the whole family rather than one individual. Family therapy focuses on how the family as a ‘system’ works, seeing this as a potential avenue for making things better. Common family issues can include young people feeling less popular than siblings (and seeking more attention as a result), feeling insecure or worried about something or indeed just difficulties with regards to communication within the family as a whole.

Family therapy can be particularly helpful when working with issues that are impacting on the family unit. These may include: parental relationship problems; child or adolescent behaviour problems, eating disorders; parenting issues; emotional difficulties following bereavement; mental health issues; adoption and fostering; trauma related issues; self-harming; and violence in the home. Psychologists and counsellors/psychotherapists working with families often spend a lot of time working with different members of the family individually, and then the family as a whole, to improve things for everyone.

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