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Therapy for children and young people 

Therapy for children or young people at our Borders centre

Children and young people often have different ways of expressing themselves when in difficulty and hence psychologists, counsellor/psychotherapists, CBT therapists and coaches often work in a different way with those of young ages than with adults. Emotional distress in children and young people is often expressed via behaviour, which can be difficult/challenging, or withdrawn depending on the personality of the child/young person.

Working with children

Children of 12 years and younger require careful ways of psychological working to help them make sense of how they feel and find ways of feeling better. Play is often used as a key aspect of a counselling, psychological or CBT approach and psychologists, counsellor/psychotherapists and CBT therapists who work with children often use toys, drawings and other hands-on means to help the child understand and express what he/she feels. We also offer family therapy, which can be helpful in some instances.

Working with young people

Young people (12 years and older) are generally considered to be able to express themselves more directly, so talking is often the primary way in which psychologists, counsellor/psychotherapists and CBT therapists work with clients of this age. However, young people often have great difficulty understanding and expressing the feelings they experience – which are often very intense – and thus can find it hard to cope at times.

Trust is often a key aspect in offering counselling/psychotherapy, psychological therapy, CBT and coaching to those of younger ages. Common issues for young people can include worries about appearance, risk-taking behaviours, bullying, experiences of abuse, anger/violence, low confidence, difficulties at school and fears for the future, and family concerns (such as during a relationship breakup).

More information about our services for children or young people

We are very experienced working with children and young people using counselling/psychotherapy, CBT, psychological therapy and coaching. To find out more about our services please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Practitioners offering therapy for children and young people at our Borders Centre: